Our summer work is done with an eye towards curb appeal and making your building look good. We realize that potential renters want to live in a building that looks well maintained and is an attractive place to live. Condo owners and building owners need to know their investments are being looked after. You want to be confident the work is being done. Solstice Landscape Maintenance Ltd. provides that service. Our goal is to make sure your buildings grounds and landscaping is well maintained on a regular basis, with no effort and worry on your part.


We have invested in necessary equipment and crews to do the work efficiently. In winter, your sidewalks will be cleaned to the pavement. Ice will be removed. We don’t just show up when it snows. Our crews are onsite whenever conditions change, inspecting for melting and freezing cycles that produce icy slip and fall conditions. We also look after your parking lots, on an on call basis, or as part of our contract. Most apartments and condos are on call, but we are set up to be there quickly to ensure safety. When we are done, we can provide a sanding service to ensure you don’t have any incidents. Do you want someone on site to shovel snow, or an experienced company that makes sure safety is the first priority, and gets it done automatically. There is a big difference.

Solstice Landscape Maintenance Ltd. not only works safely, but also ensures that your sites are safe.

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